Changing Course: Revitalizing the Chicago River

Last Wednesday, a group of over 100 environmentalists, architects, outdoor enthusiasts, students, and citizens came out to hear Healthy Water Solutions, Studio Gang Architects, the Great Lakes Commission and Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative discuss a revolutionary way to revitalize the Chicago River—by restoring the natural divide between the Mississippi River and Great Lakes basins. This monumental undertaking would bring incredible benefits not just to Chicago, but also to the Midwest region as a whole.

Separation of the basins would provide the opportunity to tackle multiple problems stemming from our aging infrastructure—issues such as invasive species, flood management, and pollution. At the same time, this renovation would engage people with the river, creating a cleaner and more accessible waterfront for play and industry.


Claire Cahan of Studio Gang Architects provided the audience with her vision for a restored, vibrant riverfront in Chicago.(Photo by Lisa Janes)

PRN Chicago

We want to thank everyone for joining us and showing your interest in one of our city’s greatest resources. A project of this magnitude doesn’t happen alone, so here are a few ways you can help turn this vision into a reality:

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Posted April 6, 2013